Does Philadelphia City Hall endorse racial profiling by advocating for a Market Street casino - AGAIN?

This is from Helen Gym's blog by permission of the author

In posts too many to name, I’ve shared concerns many of us in the Asian community have about the gambling industry’s penchant for racial profiling. Sometimes, though, it’s refreshing when the industry just speaks for itself:

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U.S. Justice Department Settles with Philadelphia School District on Harassment of Asian Americans

On Dec. 15th, the Justice Department announced a settlement agreement with the School District of Philadelphia. The settlement resolves complaints, made by the Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, of racial harassment of Asian students at South Philadelphia High School. The Justice Department found that Asian American Students were persistently harassed (see original story). 

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South Philly High Violence Anniversary Rally Commemorates Progress and Work Undone

Student activists and supporters organized an anniversary rally to commemorate the South Philadelphia High attacks and response this past Friday. The rally was held at the high school's front gates.

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Asian Americans United Begin Posting Oral Histories

Asian Americans United, which began in the 1985 in Philadelphia, has begun posting oral histories of its members. They included histories from founders Debbie Wei, Paul Uyehara and Mary Yee. The organization has been involved in significant redevelopment issues around Chinatown as well as educational and youth issues. AAU succeeded Yellow Seeds whose history and archives are posted on this site.

The oral histories can be accessed here.

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Asian Students and School System Still At Odds as DOJ Supports Student Claims of Harassment

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a letter at the end of August to Philadelphia School District supporting Asian American claims of systemic racial injustice at South Philadelphia High School. They found merit in the claims of Asian students who said they were abused at South Philadelphia High School. The DOJ advised school officials to settle the matter.

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Yellow Seeds Newspaper Posted On-line

The nearly complete collection of the newspaper of Yellow Seeds, an anti-imperialist organization that operated in Philadelphia Chinatown in the 1970's has been posted on-line. The newspaper was also called Yellow Seeds. Prof. Tamara Nopper of Temple University carried out this archival work. Her blog is found here. Thanks to Tamara.

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Presentation on South Philadelphia High School and Anti-Asian Violence

Presentation by Cecilia Chen of Asian American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, July 24th at Program co-sponsored by API Movement

Overview of Anti-Asian Harassment in Schools Throughout the Country

Anti-Asian Harassment in Schools is a problem that is commonly overlooked but affecting Asian American students in schools throughout the country.

Basic statistics on harassment in schools is difficult to find, but in New York City, a survey of approximately 1,000 public school students showed:  

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Violence in the Schools: The Philadelphia Story

Meet Helen Gym of Asian Americans United, the community group working with the students, Cecilia Chen of Asian American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the legal representation for the students, and South Philadelphia High School students.


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South Philly High 6 Months Later: What Still Needs Work

by Helen Gym

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Asian Student Advocates Welcome Resignation of South Philly High School Principal

La Greta Brown, the principal of South Philadelphia High School resigned Thursday. The high school was the site of widespread violence against Asian American students and the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit, most notably in December, when primarily African American students attacks dozens of Asian students at the school.

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